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The Eve of the Revolution. Thayer Beers, Henry Augustin. Young Adventure. The Burglar of the Zodiac. Conkling Birds, Zero. Samuel Scoville, Jr.

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Fling Bolshevism. Under which King, Bezonian? Henry Crosby Emery Bourne, Randolph. History of a Literary Radical Briton, American and. John Galsworthy Brody, Alter. A Family Album. Untermeyer Brooke, Tucker. Adams Brooks, Charles Stephen. Walt Whitman Cammaerts, Emile. How to strengthen Belgium Canby, Henry Seidel.

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Edward M. Chapman Carlin, Francis. My Ireland. Craftsman and Critic — George Inness, Jr. Abraham Lincoln. Moores Chester, Colby Mitchell. Thayer Claiborne, John Herbert. William Claiborne. Andrews Comstock, Ada. Brian Hooker Conkling, Grace Hazard. Book Reviews Converging Democracies.

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William E. Dodd Cory, Herbert Ellsworth. Edmund Spenser. Reims Cathedral Crew, Helen Coale. Death Summons: a Poem Critic, Craftsman and. Dickson Crothers, Samuel McChord. Women Wanted. Motley and other poems. Conkling Democracies, Converging. Dodd Dickson, Frederick Stoever. A Famous Indian Dictionary — W. Frontiers of Language.

Huntington Eagle Youth: a Poem. Karle Wilson Baker Earth: a Poem. Charles H. Judd Egan, Maurice Francis. The Saturday Club. Perry Emery, Henry Crosby. Frederick S. Dickson Farming, The Revolution in. Nourse Farnam, Henry Walcott. Development of the United States.

Adams Fielding, The Legend of Henry. Wilbur L. Cross Fiennes, Gerard. Sea Power and Freedom. Chester Finance, Fallacies of War. Reinold Noyes Fletcher, John Gould. Untermeyer Fling, Fred Morrow. Thayer Fraser, Helen. Women and War Work. Baron S. Korff Galsworthy, John. American and Briton Genius and Long Hair.

Brian Hooker Gerould, Gordon Hall. Practical Education Gerould, Katharine Fullerton. The War Novels Gibran, Kahlil. The Madman. Untermeyer Gibson, Wilfred Wilson. Conkling Grandgent, Charles H. Fairies and Fusiliers. Untermeyer Graves in France: a Poem. Laski Hart, Albert Bushnell.

Norman Institutions. White Hazen, Charles Downer. Fling — V. Dramatic Records. Brooke Hill, David Jayne. The Rebuilding of Europe. Egan History of a Literary Radical. Randolph Bourne Hooker, Brian. The Passing of the Frontier. Thayer How to Strengthen Belgium.

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Emile Cammaerts Humphrey, Seth K. Huntington Huntington, Ellsworth. Dickson Inness, George, Jr. Chapman Insects of a Day: a Poem. Kawakami Jellicoe, Admiral. The Grand Fleet. Stevens Johnson, Allen, ed.

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  • Chronicles of America. Thayer Johnston, Mary. Pioneers of the Old South. Thayer Jordan, Mary Augusta. Vickers Keen, William Williams. Through War to Peace. Pratt Kellor, Frances Alice. What is Americanization?

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    William Kent Langdon, Courtney, tr. Divine Comedy of Dante. McKenzie Laski, Harold Joseph. Whip-poor-will: a Poem Ledwidge, Francis. Songs of Peace. Cross Leonard, Lewis A. Life of Charles Carroll. Andrews Letts, Winifred M. Soldier Songs. Women and the War. Life of Stephen Girard. Andrews Marsh Dwellers, The. Equally important and perhaps more innovative in method are those studies of fresher conceptualization, typically more interdisciplinary in approach and more inclined towards quantitative methodology.

    These rely heavily on the work of the anthropologist, the demographer and geographer and have in a short time greatly expanded the bounds of the historian of the pre-industrial town and city. Michael Simpson pp. Leonard K. Eaton pp. Robert Tittler pp.

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    Alan Gowans pp. Elizabeth Bloomfield pp. PDF Rose, Albert. Canadian Housing Policies Toronto: Butterworth and Company Canada , Doucet pp. Nolan Reilly pp. Detroit: Gale Research Company, Annotations; addendum; author, title and subject indexes.

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    Annotations; author, title and subject indexes. Annotations: appendix; author, organization, title and subject indexes. Annotations; addendum; author and subject indexes. Clio Bibliography Series No. Santa Barbara, Calif.

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    Annotations; list of periodicals consulted; author and subject indexes. Artibise pp. John H.