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This makes sense, because the time in Italian is plural, as numbers are plural. A train or plane ticket will use the 24h system too. Nevertheless, the 12h usage is also widely accepted informal situations. For instance, it is common to say. Sono le 9 e un quarto — Sono le 9 e mezzo — If you need to meet an Italian friend, you need to ask her what time you are going to meet, in Italian, right? Expressing emotions and talking about oneself is not a taboo in Italy. Italians are not afraid to open up, with friends and collogue, about themselves.

The most common way to express emotions and feelings in Italian is by using the verb essere plus an adjective , for instance:. However, in certain expressions, Italian use the verb avere plus a noun , for instance:. A pronoun is a word like you , her , him , them, that we use to see who is affected by the action of the verb. There two types of pronouns in Italian, direct object pronouns and indirect object pronouns. The best thing to get the hang of the Italian pronouns is, of course, to practise them as if there was no tomorrow! The rule of thumb is consulting a dictionary to see if the verb needs a direct or indirect pronoun.

Insegnare in English is to teach someone, while in Italian is insegnare a qualcuno, that is to say, to teach to someone. As a result, the correct Italian pronoun to use is the indirect one. Reflexive verbs where the subject and the object are the same or where the action is carried out by the same person that receives it.

Verbs, like enjoying oneself or hurting oneself, are reflexive verbs. The good news is that English reflexive verbs are also reflexive verbs in Italian. Also, many verbs including to get in English are reflexive verbs in Italian. For instance:. Luckily, most Italian verbs are not reflexive. However, there are more reflexive verbs in Italian than English. The rule of thumb is keeping in mind that you are conjugating the infinite of the reflexive verb deprived of the — si. However, there are few exceptions in which the reflexive pronouns go at the end of the verb and attached to the verb.

A simple tense is a simple verb made of just one verb, e. When in a compound tense past perfect, compound future, past conditional, past subjunctive, etc… the reflexive verbs always use a helping a verb. The helping verb still to be used is essere. Using essere as a helping verb implies that the following past participle has to agree with the gender and number of the subject. Mi lavo le mia faccia. Mi lavo i miei capelli.

If you are a great auditory language learner you learn very well what you hear or you are just a lover of music, and you want to dig more into the world of Italian music , you should integrate Italian music listening into your Italian learning program and why not, in your lifestyle. There are tons of reasons why learning by listening to catchy Italian songs is just another efficient way to absorb the language in a fun way. In this article, I will draw a short list of some Italian songs which I really like to listen to.

It is a personal list in which I am listing Italian singers and Italian songs amongst my favourite ones. The list does not cover up, by no means, all the beautiful contemporary Italian music. I know that tastes differ a lot, but you hope this will inspire to make your Italian music playlist. He is a Roman musician and a singer-songwriter known in Italy for his high-pitched voice. His songs will make you dance like no one is watching or cry like a baby.

His lyrics are poetry for everyday life, simple but straight to the point. Lyrics in Italian, English and many other languages. Battiato is a Sicilian-born singer-songwriter, composer, painter, filmmaker, writer. Love or hate him, but most probably love him! Its music is a combination of poetry, esoteric religion concepts and philosophy.

Perhaps the best Italian still-alive music personality in the Italian contemporary music scene. Lyrics in Italian and English. Mannarino is an emerging Italian singer-songwriter and musician. His songs are a combination of poetry, stories of ordinary people his lyrics are often inspired by the suburbs of Rome, where he grew up and sounds from around the world.

Some of his songs contain verses in the Roman dialect which makes its overall production somehow refreshing and unique in the contemporary Italian music scene. Do you like jazz? Mario Biondi is the most famous jazz musician in Italy and an internationally recognized jazz artist. He sings and plays with his deep warm voice all over the world, both in Italian and English.

He has been a symbol of youth culture in the 90s, but still today, he enjoys a ton of success across people of different generations. Other than being a singer, he is also considered a prominent social figure in Italy for his social commitment. In , he was the first Italian singer to be invited to the University of Harvard to give a lesson about human rights.

Lyrics in Italian and other languages. Motta is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and an emerging voice in the Italian Indie Rock music scene.

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Lyrics in Italian, English and Spanish. Although dead, he is still considered one of the greatest Italian songwriters of the Italian music scene of all times. He was, and he is known for his sympathy toward pacifism and anarchy. His lyrics often feature the marginalized people of society. Lyrics in Italian and many other languages.

Whenever we kick start a new project we are usually full of energies and good ideas. However, we all know that soon or less generally after three months we start to slow down. When things get harder, we struggle. That is the story of humanity, and this is something we can apply to Italian language learning. It is easier to get a grasp of the basics, but it gets harder to achieve full Italian fluency. Is there any recipe against losing motivation when it comes to learning a language? Yes, make sure your goal is brilliant! Your learning goal must be sexy in order for you to learn Italian fast.

You are not motivated enough to go to the extra mile to achieve your objective. If you are learning Italian for whatever reason which is meaningful for you , for example, you have an Italian partner, or you are planning something special in Italy or you want to want to earn an Italian Certification of Proficiency your motivation will stay active and will help you not to lose sight of your goal. Be clear about your learning goal.

Why do you want to learn Italian? How will your life benefit from it? T he bigger, and the clearer, your goal is, the more excited you become to achieve it. Remember, a goal without a plan is just a wish, so get ready to embrace the next steps. Mastering Italian means that you need to cover all areas of Italian language learning, for instance:. I know that at some point in your journey with the language you will feel like you need to improve your Italian speaking dramatically or even your Italian listening.

Fair enough. Speaking and listening are the keys to master Italian conversation. How do you do it effectively? The secret to taking your Italian listening to the next level is giving priority to it for a certain period , saying two o three months. That is to say that for that time you will focus on Italian listening, without spending too much time on the areas of Italian Language Learning.

I promise you that this approach will do its job. The error many learners of Italian do is to learn a little bit of everything at the same time. Immerse yourself in a network of people who learn Italian or are Italy aficionados. If you have ever travelled to Italy, you surely have realized how full-immersion does its job. When not in Italy, try to recreate the same feeling in your country.

A language is a social tool. Get out of your comfort zone and use it. Living on the era of the internet allows us to join a virtual network. Having an Italian network is vital to track your progress, to motivate you when you feel unmotivated and support you in your Italy related decisions. It will save you a significant amount of time when you need to find the best Italian learning resources or plan your trip to Italy.

If you use Duolingo as a way to learn Italian or one of those similar apps you know that they use a spaced repetition system which is a language learning technique that incorporates increasing intervals of time between subsequent review of previously learned material to exploit the psychological spacing effect. Sad true reality.


Ok, there might be out there people with a photographic memory, but in the vast majority of cases, you might belong to my very category. You forget, just like me, and this is normal! Make sure you are having fun with the language. The secret to continuing to learn and achieve excellence in Italian Language Learning is to have fun while doing it. You have the keys. You know what you like more, nobody can better tell you that your inner self.

The idea is to merge Italian with your favourite hobbies.

Canzoni zingaresche

Do you like cooking? Join an Italian cookery course in Italy or your country. The time you spend with the language must be fun and give you the idea that you are using your precious time effectively. A language is a tool for you to use to achieve or learn something else. The final destination is not your Italian proficiency but what will you use your Italian language skills for. Ogni volta intraprendiamo un nuovo progetto siamo pieni di energia e pimpanti.

Nei primi giorni siamo super motivati, ma poi…? Come renderlo efficiente? Partecipa a degli eventi a tema italiano: settimana del cinema italiano, settimana della gastronomia italiana. Fatti degli amici italiani. T riste, ma vero.

Bisogna programmare una ripetizione spazia per non dimenticare tutte quelle parole italiane che abbiamo appreso con tanta fatica a lezione o leggendo un libro in italiano.. Pianifica uno o due giorni al mese in cui ripeti o rileggi i tuoi appunti di italiano per rinfrescare la tua memoria e trasformare il vocabolario passivo in vocabolario attivo. Se leggi un libro o guardi un film in italiano, fanne un riassunto di una pagina alla fine e rileggilo periodicamente. Usa immediatamente quello che hai imparato con il tuo scambio linguistico o in una lezione di italiano.

Questo devi deciderlo tu! Guarda le serie TV in italiano. And I think so too. Gratitude goes hand in hand with good manners, something Italians are very keen on. In fact, Italians thank a lot! Grazie is definitely one of those words you should not be worry to overuse in Italy. If you want to sound like a native Italian speaker , you should know that Italians have plenty of ways to thank people. Be aware that all of the first three gratitude phrases above are informal. You can say thank you for something in Italian, by using a verb, too.

How do you do it? There are some verbs and expressions in Italian that express gratitude, like ringraziare, essere grato di and apprezzare. Ringraziare is less straightforward than grazie and slightly more formal. It used usually in the shape of. Apprezzare to appreciate is used to recognize how good and helpful was someone or something for you. If so, I encourage you to read 7 ways to say welcome in Italian.

Un 2016 all’insegna dell’innovazione: intervista ad Alessandro Rimassa

Follow my blog with Bloglovin. Once I heard an American saying that we Italian can speak by making long sentences without saying a word. It was a joke, with a touch of irony. In fact, Italians do use a lot of filler words when they speak informally. A filler word is a word that you can place in the sentence to buy time when the words you are looking for, do not come in your way or you are hesitating for one thing or another.

Generally, we can say, that they help the speakers to express what they want easier! If you have been learning Italian for a long time or just for a few months, mastering Italian filler words is a great idea for at least three reasons:. In this article, we will have a look at the most frequent filler words in Italian. As an answer to a question , to show disagreement to someone else opinion. In questions, beh is used to encourage or urge someone to answer.

They are generally used at the start of a sentence to draw the attention of the person you are speaking to, to what you are going to say, or to show hesitation. Insomma is one of those Italian conversational words one very often listen here and there. It does not have a single definition and its meaning varies depending on the sentence. Thus, you can use it when you want to sum up what you have previously stated.

Insomma is also used to start a new topic with the English meaning of so or well. You can use insomma when replying to a question and you want to say so-so. Insomma serves also as an exclamation to express exasperation. Also, at the start of a statement or in answers, it shows disappointment or disagreement. Make sure all the tree vowels are well pronounced. It can be used in the shape of a question to ask further explanation about something which is not clear. Dai is a very common word in colloquial in Italian. It has not a single definition.

Dai is used as an exclamation to urge someone to do or say something. At the start of a sentence, as a way to lift someone spirits. In the idiomatic expression ma dai! To show astonishment or surprise to your interlocutor. If you are urging someone to tell you something, you should put stress on the word and pronounce it slightly louder then normal. If you are cheering up someone.. Allora is by far the most frequent filler word in Italian. In this case, it has an introductory meaning. It can come in handy to launch a new idea or to suddenly change a topic. Mhmm also show appreciation to something you are going to eat or you have just eaten.

Loving something or to do something How to say that I love something or doing something Italian?

Love toward friends and family How to say I love you to a friend of the family in Italian? Being in love Speaking of which, how to say in Italian that you are in love with someone? Ti amo profondamente — I am deeply in love with you lit. Sono follemente innamorato di te — I am crazily in love with you lit. Serena Capilli. What is creativity to you? Journaling in Italian I will never grow tired of singing the praise of the power of writin g as a means to convert passive Italian vocabulary into active vocabulary.

Take an Italian cooking course Raise your hand if you lov e Italian cuisine. Doodling According to a study, doodling and drawing can help you retain and process information faster. Write your biography in Italian Stories are what have united humans and they are also the best way for humans to learn because we enjoy learning through stories. Sing in Italian Use Lyricstraining to tune up your Italian listening skills, learn Italian vocabulary, and get acquainted with Italian pop music.

Take a Yoga retreat in Italian The Italian language is a tool, and the ultimate goal is to use it to get something else. Creative Workshops in Italy Are you into painting? Translating Poetry or Songs Do you love poetry or songs? Go on vacation with Italian people Do you like travelling? Go to the Opera Opera is a product of Italy. Work remotely from Italy Are you one of the lucky ones who does not need to go to the office every single day?

Start a Studygram account Anyone know what IG is? Backpack in Italy Italy is one exquisite country to backpack, simply because the landscape is so diverse. Volunteer in Italy Do you want to spend your time off differently? European Civil Service in Italy If you are European and you are between 18 and 30 you are eligible to apply for the European civil service in Italy.

Happy Creative Italian Learning! Galileo Galilei. Is this the most efficient way to learn anything, especially as an adult? Language Coaching is language learning for grown-ups. As an adult, you are not a tabula rasa. One teaching approach is not enough Everyone is unique.

Identifying your goal and making sure you achieve it As an adult, you have already completed your school education and launched your career or family. How does it work money-wise?

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What about enhancing your creativity and set you yourself up for excellent results? The benefits of such an approach are countless! The students I have coached have: Formed the habit of learning Italian consistently, meaning they have begun progressing steadily and significantly. Ask us, we will update constantly […]. Additional information and registration at the reception Enjoy! Un programma di animazione originale tutto dedicato ai nostri ospiti della bassa stagione! The unique program of off-season activities for a holiday rich in emotions We are holding once again our programme of activities aimed at promoting the traditions, culture, gastronomy and nature of our beautiful island and our region.

Offerta soggiorno e bus navetta per partecipare alla festa dei colori di Muravera! Sfileranno anche le etnotraccas con temi della tradizione sarda. Durante tutto il periodo della manifestazione nel paese verranno presentati spettacoli, molti eventi, e i musei saranno visitabili. Il nostro campeggio dista solo 10 Km. Sunday, April 2 is the most important day of the festival, because traditionally folk groups from all over the island parade, showing off their costumes and dancing in the street.

During the entire period of the event there will be shows and numerous events, and the museums will be open. Moreover, the Cortes old houses will be open, some of which will be home to special themed exhibitions and others will offer food specialties and tourist menus of typical local dishes.

Since many visitors will be coming for the festival and because traffic will be heavy and parking spots diffiult to find, we are providing our guests with a free shuttle, to reach Muravera comfortably in the morning and return in the afternoon. Places are limited, so booking in advance is required at info campingcapoferrato. Escape from the city or off to the wonderful festival of Saint Efisio with the shuttle: making everyone happy! April 29 the restaurant opens! Some people on May 1, after having seen the wonderful festival so many times, decide to leave the city and take a break in nature and there are those, on the other hand, who using the campsite as their base want to see the procession and the beautiful Festival of Saint Efisio.

Well, we are there for both: on hand to welcome and indulge our guests on arrival, or to accompany them with the shuttle to see the exciting and beautiful day organised in honour of the patron saint of the city. For those who are coming to the camping village, the restaurant, pizzeria and bar will also be open from April The market is open already from April For those who want to visit the Festival, we are organising the traditional shuttle so you can attend without any worries.

Just as for the Festival of the Citrus Fruits, seats in the shuttle are limited so you have to book in advance. It is one of the most beautiful traditional festivals in Sardinia and we are ready to welcome our guests too! Even museums and ancient houses are open to visitors. Sunday the 8th is the most important day, so we offer our guests a free bus to reach the village and watch the parade in Muravera 25Km. The day before, a briefing will be organized in Campsite to tell the Sagra and all the curiosities. The seats on the bus must be booked in advance also via email info campingcapoferrato.

At the reception you will receive all the necessary information. Wir werden da sein!!! Februar teilnehmen. Eine Verabredung in voraus ist willkommen. Patrizia wird auf der Messe in Stuttgart ab dem Januar teilnehmen. Entertainment and Summer Shows. Duration 25 July - 2 September Duration 3 September - 3 September Duration 10 August - 10 August Duration 30 July - 30 July Duration 19 July - 19 July Duration 13 July - 13 July Duration 5 July - 5 July Duration 26 August - 26 August Duration 23 August - 2 September Duration 20 August - 20 August Duration 16 August - 16 August