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A voice boomed over the lounge PA system. It was the office secretary. Stephen King? King raced to the office. Tabby never called him at work. They had removed it to save money. That kind of hassle meant something either terrible or amazing had happened. When King picked up the phone, both he and Tabby were out of breath.

A beginner's guide to Stephen King

She told him that the editor at Doubleday Publishing, Bill Thompson, had sent a telegram:. King had broken through. King used the advance to buy a shiny Ford Pinto and moved his family out of the trailer and into a dumpy four-room apartment in Bangor, Maine. They suddenly had money for groceries. They even could afford a telephone. King hoped that fat royalty checks would keep replenishing his bank account, but Carrie only sold 13, copies as a hardback, tepid sales that convinced him to grudgingly sign a new teaching contract for the school year.

It was the last thing on his mind. King was home alone, standing in the doorway between his kitchen and living room. Congratulations, Stephen. He sat on the floor, shaking with excitement from winning the literary lottery—and there was no one home to share the news with. He wanted to buy her something luxurious, something unforgettable. King raced to downtown Bangor. It was Sunday and every shop was closed except for a drug store.

So he bought Tabby the best thing he could find—a hairdryer. King quit teaching and Tabby stopped peddling pastries.

Stephen King has been hailed as a major literary figure. This snob doesn't buy it

And three years later, King bought Tabby another present. He visited swanky Manhattan jewelry store Cartier and bought her an engagement ring. They had been married for six years. Carrie sold over 1 million copies in its first year as a paperback despite a mixed critical response. The book-buying public was more enthusiastic— Carrie was a hit. The novel struck a sympathetic chord with teens and adults who knew what it was like to be an outsider.

In , it was adapted into a profitable feature film, which sparked a sequel a decade later and a remake in The story has also been adapted for TV and the stage although the Broadway production was a forgettable flop.

Stephen King on how to write - Business Insider

King made Carrie, and Carrie made King. Now the 19th best-selling author of all time, King won the Medal of Distinguished Contribution to American Letters in and was invited to speak at the National Book Awards. He talked about the woman who rescued Carrie from the trash and insisted he keep going—Tabby.

That vulnerable time for me came during to If my wife had suggested to me even with love and kindness and gentleness But the thought never crossed her mind. Before he assumed the pen name George Orwell, Eric Arthur Blair had a relatively normal upbringing for an upper-middle-class English boy of his time.

Top 30 Stephen King Movies, Ranked

Looking back now, his life proved to be anything but ordinary. He's best known for penning the dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four —regarded as one of the greatest classics of all time—but writing novels was only one small facet of his life and career. In remembrance of Orwell, who was born on June 25, , here are 13 facts about his life that may surprise you. Eric Blair spent five years at the St. It was finally published in after his death.


Blair was expelled from his "crammer" school an institution designed to help students "cram" for specific exams for sending a birthday message attached to a dead rat to the town surveyor, according to Sir Bernard Crick's George Orwell: A Life , the first complete biography of Orwell. With a loud deep fart from the bottom of my heart! Later, in a newspaper column , he recalled his boyhood hobby of replying to advertisements and stringing the salesmen along as a joke.

He spent most of his career juggling part-time jobs while authoring books on the side.

Quick Facts

Over the years, he worked as a police officer for the Indian Imperial Police in Burma present-day Myanmar , a high school teacher, a bookstore clerk, a propagandist for the BBC during World War II, a literary editor, and a war correspondent. He chose to publish the book under a pseudonym, George Orwell, and the name stuck. At the time, he had been using the pseudonym Edward Burton and posing as a poor fish porter. He wrote about the experience in an unpublished essay titled Clink. While working as a police officer in Burma, Orwell got his knuckles tattooed.

Orwell noted that some Burmese tribes believed tattoos would protect them from bullets. He may have gotten inked for similarly superstitious reasons, Bowker suggested, but it's more likely that he wanted to set himself apart from the British establishment in Burma. Orwell ultimately became fluent in French, and at different points in his life he studied Latin, Greek, Spanish, and Burmese, to name a few. At the age of 33, Orwell arrived in Spain, shortly after fighting had broken out in , hoping to write some newspaper articles. Orwell, his wife Eileen, and their son Richard Horatio were away at the time, but their home was demolished.

During his lunch break at the British newspaper Tribune , Orwell would return to the foundation where his home once stood and sift through the rubble in search of his books and papers—most importantly, the manuscript for Animal Farm.

Orwell then piled everything into a wheelbarrow and carted it back to his office. He and his wife Eileen tended to several farm animals at their home in Wallington, England, including Muriel the goat. After the war ended, the branch was tasked with distributing anti-communist propaganda throughout Europe. Orwell's list included Charlie Chaplin and a few dozen other actors, writers, academics, and politicians. He was denouncing them as unsuitable for counter-intelligence operation. At the end of the summer of , the Kings moved their growing family to southern Maine because of Stephen's mother's failing health.

During this period, Stephen's mother died of cancer, at the age of Carrie was published in the spring of That same fall, the Kings left Maine for Boulder, Colorado. Returning to Maine in the summer of , the Kings purchased a home in the Lakes Region of western Maine. The Dead Zone was also written in Bridgton. In , the Kings spent three months of a projected year-long stay in England, cut the sojourn short and returned home in mid-December, purchasing a new home in Center Lovell, Maine.

After living there one summer, the Kings moved north to Orrington, near Bangor, so that Stephen could teach creative writing at the University of Maine at Orono. The Kings returned to Center Lovell in the spring of In , the Kings purchased a second home in Bangor, retaining the Center Lovell house as a summer home.

Stephen and Tabitha now spend winters in Florida and the remainder of the year at their Bangor and Center Lovell homes. Stephen is of Scots-Irish ancestry, stands 6'4" and weighs about pounds. He is blue-eyed, fair-skinned, and has thick, black hair, with a frost of white most noticeable in his beard, which he sometimes wears between the end of the World Series and the opening of baseball spring training in Florida. He succeeded, and all six books taken here as one novel are full of humor and heart. The climax is heartrending, if obvious.

Those endings are dark. No chapters. Just one long story as told by the title character, who is being interrogated in the death of the old lady who employed her as a housekeeper. When a doctor discovers an ancient Indian burial ground, he starts to put dead things there his cat, his son. Parents, all too aware of the fragility of their young children, might find this book scariest of all.

That one will stick around for a long time. Dude even throws two poems in for good measure. A dense read, it is nonetheless catnip for anyone who has ever cared a whit about horror. There is a sense of melancholy around him that cannot be found elsewhere in the King universe. Three of them are utter knockouts. In addition to being one of his most frightening the lady in Room !! Self published e-books, blogs, Twitter, Facebook — from long to short, everyone fancies themselves a writer with something to say.

If you disapprove, I can only shrug my shoulders. The second half is a writing manual a new Strunk and White of sorts that is practical as hell. Already a subscriber?

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