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Sir, it is with interest that we followed the news regarding the quantity of sugar contained in hot beverages served in some of the UK's most popular cafes. The worst offender was the 'Hot Mulled Fruit' beverage from Starbucks which contained 99 g of sugar per serving, the equivalent of 25 teaspoons of sugar, closely followed by Costa Coffee's Chai latte containing Obviously as dentists we are aware of the dangers of unlabelled food and hidden sugars and in light of this and of the frequency of consumption of these hot beverages claimed to be one in five visiting a coffee shop daily 4 perhaps it would be prudent to highlight this information to our patients on a more regular basis?

Brignall M. The cafes serving drinks with 25 teaspoons of sugar per cup. The Guardian 17 February Action on Sugar.

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Shocking amount of sugar found in many hot flavoured drinks. World Health Organisation.

Cinnamon Sweet Cream Latte Recipe | Coffee mate®

Sugars intake for adults and children guideline. Shubber K. The coffee industry is experiencing a period of growth as many of the younger generations become more interested in not just coffee, but high-quality gourmet coffee that they can only get from a coffee shop. As a result of increased interest in coffee, it's a great time to consider opening a coffee shop or cafe. If you're interested in starting a coffee shop but don't know where to begin, refer to this article because we will detail the most important steps you need to follow to set up your business.

If you're looking for information about a specific part of the process of opening a cafe, you can use the links below to jump to the correlating section.

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    Source Your Coffee Beans 4. Write a Coffee Shop. You have a business plan, a great location, and the perfect name with an awesome logo to go with it, but now that it's time to supply your coffee shop , you're unsure of where to start. Well, even though specific requirements will vary from business to business, we've developed a comprehensive coffee shop equipment list to get you started. To get an idea of the equipment needed when opening a coffee shop, take a look at the information below, or for a quick reference, check out our printable coffee shop equipment list!

    Working as a barista is ideal for people who have a passion for coffee, those who are looking to get into the foodservice industry , or for young people that want a great first job that will teach them lots of transferable skills. Keep reading to learn what a barista is, what a typical barista job description looks like, how to advance your career as a barista, and what qualities coffee shop owners look for in a potential hire.

    Barista Job Description Baristas work in many different kinds of settings that range from chain coffee shops to upscale coffee houses that brew gourmet coffee. Where you work as a barista will affect your responsibilities. That being said, there is a general barista job description that applies to most positions: Ser. Subscribe now for great deals and industry tips! Sign up for our mailing list to have weekly discounts and industry knowledge sent right to your inbox.

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    Sugar: A latte on my mind

    Learn More. Buying Guides. Different Types of Flavoring Syrups. Types of Syrups There are several types of flavoring syrups you can use in your kitchen, not only for drink making but for cooking as well. Coffee Flavoring Syrups. Common Specialty Flavoring Syrups There are various flavoring syrups available that are made to perform particular roles or fill a certain demand.

    Dietary Considerations. Syrup Usage Guide There are so many ways to use our flavoring syrups, sweetener syrups, and flavoring sauces.

    Common Specialty Flavoring Syrups

    Here are some of our top selling syrup flavors and common variations you may see: Vanilla. Flavoring and Coffee Syrup Brands. Related Resources How to Start a Coffee Shop The coffee industry is experiencing a period of growth as many of the younger generations become more interested in not just coffee, but high-quality gourmet coffee that they can only get from a coffee shop.

    Mixture will hold in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.

    Customer Reviews

    Whisk briskly with a wire whisk to create foam. With a smooth, rich, and delicious silky sweet flavor, Sweet Cream is made with simple ingredients—milk, cream, cane sugar, and natural sweet cream flavor. Liven up your cup with a sweet sip that is at its natural best and does not contain GMO ingredients or rBST treated milk. Skip to main content. Recipes - Beverages.