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Kabbalistic Prayer Guide
  1. Kabbalah Archives – Sophia Street - דרך חכמה
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We are not worshiping the sefirot, for they are not gods or goddesses. You can think of the sefirot as the chakras of the cosmos.

Kabbalah Archives – Sophia Street - דרך חכמה

They are step-down transformers for the light of Ein Sof, vessels that channel God's bounty to humanity. In answer to our prayers, Ein Sof's energy moves through the sefirot to effect change. Kabbalists also stress that our prayers should not always focus exclusively on one sefirah to the exclusion of the others. Rather, our prayers are meant to enhance the unity of the sefirot so that there is a harmonious flow of energy from Ein Sof through the channels of the sefirot to our world. The Archangel Test.

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The Archangel Test

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