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  1. White Crow's star dancer 'channelled' Rudolf Nureyev
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The waters of PNG are also home to prolific and diverse marine creatures and corals with over recorded species of reef building corals and over recorded species of fish. Beginning in February of , with her home port at the Driftwood Resort, Star Dancer offers explorations of the wonders of the Milne Bay area throughout the year. When you arrive, consider yourself an explorer discovering the new world.

White Crow's star dancer 'channelled' Rudolf Nureyev

There are plane shipwrecks, pristine coral reefs of interesting shapes and sizes, underwater volcanic vents, caves and various species of fish including manta rays and whales. Milne Bay and its offshore islands have some of the best dive spots in the world. As you forage your way through reefs teaming with life, you will discover that there are more varieties of fish here than you could believe.

The diving conditions will range from quiet mill pond dives to drift dives along spectacular walls, but the majority of diving is on sea mounts or "bommies" so there is something for everyone. The reefs are a photographer's paradise. Pristine and colorful corals are home to a variety of fish, crustacean and invertebrate life. Many of the reefs have resident schools of barracuda, tuna and jacks.

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STAR DANCER – Larson International

Dance Classes at the St. Peters, Mo. The Creators of Star Dancer fo r 30 years. Dance Classes. Private Dance Lessons. DJ - Disc Jockey Services. Wedding Dance Routines. Fall Dance Classes. Enroll at St. Charles Community College Dance Classes. They are arranged by 1. The 'Style' of 'Dance', 2. The 'Level' of the 'Dance' and 3. The 'Type' of 'Dance' to choose from. For more Info. Ask for 'Linda' or leave a message with your phone number. You Do Not have to be a Member. You do not have to be Enrolled in our 'dance classes'. The Price is the same for everyone, No Hassles!

No Showing Off trying to get you to sign up!

Everyone is Welcome to our 'dances', If you have the desire to 'dance', which includes non 'dancers' too, and you do not know how to 'social dance', are a non 'dancer', and are willing to learn to 'dance', We will show you how! Swing dances may change due to the Broadness of our clientele. Check with Stan for details. A Cash Bar is available. No Extra Cost To You!

Also Available Digitally

Just Tip Your Bartender Please! Other Dances May be held at the St. Peters, Missouri Near Hwy. Some dates and times May change due to hall rentals, holidays and other occasions. If you know anyone that has broken our rules, please do not hesitate to give us a call and tell us about it! Remember, your business is important to us. Doors open at PM.


This Continues On Throughout the Year. Lots of Dancing starts at PM.

Superb Dance By Daniyaal - Pakistan Star Auditions - Star Dancer - BOL Entertainment

Check Us Out! For Information click on the arrow to the bottom right of this box We hope you come to a dance and join us and don't hesitate to tell us who you are. It will be our pleasure to meet you. We would like to thank you for your time checking us out. Tell us what you think. Your input is important to us. Are once a year picked randomly. There is 1 class per week.

This program is occasionally taught and the steps are for Competition Only.

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Not Social. Check with our private lesson s page section. Stan is a 'rising star' 'ballroom dance' 'champion' and has won two 'top dance teachers' awards in 'ballroom dancing' with A.


International Dance Studio. He has won many 'swing contests' in the U. Louis, Missouri, where she got her certification as a 'ballroom dance instructor'. For more info. What is Star Dancer? The History Star Dancer. If you wish to activate narrator, you must first turn flash player down or on pause. This can be done by going to the top of this page, in flash player and hover the mouse pointer in the top-center of the flash player and make your adjustments.

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  • Read the set-up and your ready to go. Since hyper-links are limited with the amount of lines we can write in you will still have to scroll down and hover over each paragraph with your mouse pointer. Stan and Linda are professional Dance instructors with over 30 years of experience in dance competition and teaching dance instruction. Their instruction in social dance is highly acclaimed and renowned throughout the United States and in the St.

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    Louis Mo, St. Charles Mo, St. In the past they worked with, taught and trained students as well as dance teachers in many of the well known dance studios in United States as well as in the local area. Stan and Linda Teach All Dances As each dance lesson goes by, Stan and Linda teach social dance to thousands of new students each year introducing them to their first time dance lesson programs.

    Charles, MO. Area, St. Louis MO. Area, and their surrounding Counties. In other words, get you off to a good start towards your original dance goal. This separates us from our competition which will try to teach you competition steps only, and try to sell you on going to competition claiming that competition will make you a better social dancer taking you through hours of endless and costly dance lessons. And in many cases are costly over time. For more Information go to the article ' before taking dance classes '.

    We can plan, with you, any dance program that will fit your dancing needs, budget a nd lifestyle. We guarantee all Private Lesson Prices will beat the competition.