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Ebook: Naneh Chineh y el pequeño gorrión (Spanish) - Saeed-Shop

On the road he met a sparrow that said to him, "Why are you so sad, my friend? Then the dog snapped it up, and scrambled away with it into a corner, where he soon ate it all up. When that was eaten, the sparrow asked him whether he had had enough now. So they both went out upon the high road; but as the weather was warm, they had not gone far before the dog said, "I am very much tired, I should like to take a nap.

El Gorrión Muy Preocupado (The Very Worried Sparrow)

Whilst he slept, there came by a carter with a cart drawn by three horses, and loaded with two casks of wine. The sparrow, seeing that the carter did not turn out of the way, but would go on in the track in which the dog lay, so as to drive over him, called out, "Stop! Mr Carter, or it shall be the worse for you. What can you do? Now mind what I say.

This deed of thine shall cost thee all thou art worth. But the sparrow crept under the tilt of the cart, and pecked at the bung of one of the casks till she loosened it; and than all the wine ran out, without the carter seeing it.

Gorrión moruno (Passer hispaniolensis) Spanish Sparrow

At last he looked round, and saw that the cart was dripping, and the cask quite empty. When the carter saw this, he drew out his hatchet and aimed a blow at the sparrow, meaning to kill her; but she flew away, and the blow fell upon the poor horse's head with such force, that he fell down dead. Bachman is an absolute genius from the first minute, and 'Won't You Cross Over to That Other Side' has to be one of the most impressive examples of guitar virtuosity I've ever heard, and the rest of the record just backs up that virtuosity.

Guitar virtuoso readies album of unreleased goodies, flip-sides, and obscurities, and posts her entire back catalog to BC. Lionize EP by Take Berlin. Welcome by F. Talismans by Taylor Crawford. Explore music.

Palomo y el Gorrión (Musical group)

Canela Party. Kinami Takeshi go to album. On Bandcamp Radio. Guest host Marc Mac takes us on a soulful trip to Detroit listen now.

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