Manual A vulnerabilidade do idoso e o acesso aos cuidados de saude (Portuguese Edition)

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Knowledge Production
  1. Salud en las Américas 2012 | Health in the Americas 2012
  2. Functional disability of adults in Brazil: prevalence and associated factors
  4. Que princípios éticos devem definir o estabelecimento de prioridades entre doentes?

Tipo de produto: Outro;Natureza do produto: Outra. Patente: Outro. Processo sem registo ou patente Process without patent or official record 1. Call for papers. Fields of Social Work in Ageing. The role of gerontological social work in changing landscape of old age services — challenges and opportunities for research in different welfare models. The implications of economic, political and organisational contexts for the changing landscape of social work and personal social services with older people have changed substantially in different welfare state contexts in Europe.

The symposium considers what social work with older people might achieve and raises the question of its role in a variety of contexts. Opportunities for regaining aspects of professional social work and challenging the focus on administrative models of practice are discussed in connection to different welfare models, especially from the viewpoint of social work research. Call for Papers. Que imapctos? A cidadania em risco? Ageing, social policy and social work em Portugal. Entre o dever ser e o ser ativo. Como posso participar? Rodrigues, Marlene; Carvalho, Maria I.

Professional supervision in social work, fact or fiction? Social work and violence in the elderly. Challenges in education and training of Social Work in Portugal. Social Policy and Social Work: Who has more power to regulate social action and to promote active aging? Challenges for social work: How to promote the rights of the elderly to lead a dignified life?.

Legal framework and activities in Portugal in the case of violence on the elderly. A vida tem outro sentido Que envelhecimento ativo em tempo de crise. Um estudo de caso, Paula Franco, Envelhecimento e qualidade, Telma Cristina Duarte S. Em curso Ongoing 1. Perfil do agressor em contexto urbano e rural.

Outros Trabalhos Other production 1. A qualidade de vida da pessoa idosa. Mestrado Master degree 1. A pobreza dos idosos em Portugal, A qualidade das respostas para idosos no centro de dia de S. A qualidade de vida das pessoas idosas e as novas tenologias, A sexualidade em idosos , Direitos das pessoas seniores.

Aldeia de S. Call for papers - Poster. European Journal of Social Work. Review the article - "Factors associated with long-term care benefits granted to dependent older adults in Andalusia" for The European Journal of Social Work. Reviewing manuscript ISW Dados pessoais Personal data. Atividades Activities. Dados complementares Additional data. Nome completo Full name. Categoria profissional Position. Sexo Gender. Discrimination, oppression, ethnicity and anti-opressive approaches. Social Work in Europe, Commonalities and Diferences , modulo 1. Professora e-learning Social Work Erasmus.

EuropaColon, Membro. Textos em jornais ou revistas Texts in newspapers or magazines. Produto com registo ou patente Product with patent or official record. Processo sem registo ou patente Process without patent or official record. Cavaco Para Rua! Quanto mais as coisas mudam The Political Party System in Brazil. My trip in my words: subjectivities, time s and mobilities in slow travel blogs.

Harassment during hazing in a Portuguese public university. No entretanto ou o ab uso do acesso online em mobilidade. In the meantime or the ab use of online accessing during mobility. Auto Mobilities and social identities in Portugal. Empowerment labs: gender equality, employability and theatre catalyzing social change. Benfica vs Sporting: o derby visto a partir do Twitter.

The need of a XXI century governance paradigm for public administration: the specific case of Portugal. Portuguese online dating: exploring gender differences in self-presentations. Introduction: representations of India at home and abroad. Movimentos sociais e redes sociais virtuais em perspectiva comparada.

Taking stock of Roma health policies in Spain: lessons for health governance. Public and patient involvement in needs assessment and social innovation: a people-centred approach to care and research for congenital disorders of glycosylation. Couples' willingness to donate embryos for research: a longitudinal study.

Parenting very preterm infants and stress in Neonatal Intensive Care Units. Effects of the financial crisis and Troika austerity measures on health and health care access in Portugal. Aiming for inclusion: a case study of motivations for involvement in mental health-care governance by ethnic minority users. Inclusive public participation in health: policy, practice and theoretical contributions to promote the involvement of marginalised groups in healthcare.

Transforming health policies through migrant user involvement: lessons learnt from three European countries. Community psychology contributions to the study of social inequalities, well-being and social justice. The legacy of Columbus in American horse populations assessed by microsatellite markers. What roles for scientific associations in contemporary science? Born to fail? Understanding international students beyond studentification: a new class of transnational urban consumers.

The example of Erasmus students in Lisbon Portugal. Suddenly last summer: how the tourist tsunami hit Lisbon. Club Carib: a geo-ethnography of seduction in a Lisbon dancing bar. Exploring nightlife and urban change in Bairro Alto, Lisbon. La Barcelona turistitzada. A voltes. The impact of international migration on the public pension system: the case of Portugal. Back to replacement migration: a new European perspective applying the prospective-age concept. Evaluation and participation: identifying different school organization profiles in Portuguese public schools.

Ties and inequalities in later life: welfare state regime and the role of social networks in health inequalities in later life in Europe. The role of personal social networks on health inequalities across European regions. Community involvement in school management in Portugal. The Portuguese schools' evaluation programme: a sociological approach to the participation of social actors. Researching social inclusion in student mobility: methodological strategies in studying the Erasmus programme. Hai Gui or Hai Dai?

Chinese student migrants and the role of Norwegian mobility capital in career success. Exploring student mobility and graduate migration: undergraduate mobility propensities in two economic crisis contexts. Migration and tertiary educated youth: a reflexive view of mobility decision-making in an economic crisis context. The Erasmus undergraduate exchange programme: a highly qualified success story? Contextualising participation in a transition society. Introduction: youth political participation in a transition society.

International student mobility in crisis? Understanding post-diploma mobility decision-making in an economic crisis context. Social capital and student achievement: exploring the influence of social relationships on school success in Norway and Romania. The marginalised majority of tertiary-educated youth in Portugal during the economic crisis.

Here today, gone tomorrow? Student mobility decision-making in an economic crisis context. Leaving Northern Ireland: youth mobility field, habitus and recession among undergraduates in Belfast. Spatial reflexivity and undergraduate transitions in the Republic of Ireland after the Celtic Tiger. Youth, Precarity and the Future: Undergraduate housing transitions in Portugal during the economic crisis. Moving in transition: Northern Ireland youth and geographical mobility.

Representing Islam and Lisbon youth. Portuguese Muslims of Indian-mozambican origin. Jovens europeus: retrato da diversidade. Up off our bellies and onto our knees: symbolic effacement and the Orange Order in Northern Ireland. Moving the immovable: discursive challenge and discursive change in Ulster loyalism. The object of sectarianism: the material reality of sectarianism in Ulster Loyalism.

An integrated measure of student perceptions of feedback, engagement and school identification. Where is the politics? E-bike mobility in urban China and civilizational government. Digital afterlife: eco civilizational politics of the site and the sight of e-waste in China. Stasis, dynamism and emergence of the e-mobility system in China: a power relational perspective.

Visual sociology. Reconstructing the Antarctic tourist interaction ritual chain: visual sociological perspective. Performing national-identity: the many logics of producing national belongings in public rituals and events. The tourist plot: Antarctica and the modernity of nature.

My Perestroika: Visualizing Self-transformation in Russia. CouchSurfing as a spatial practice: accessing and producing xenotopos. Analysis of YouTube videos used by activists in the Uyghur Nationalist Movement: combining quantitative and qualitative methods.

The russian ultranationalist movement on the internet: actors, communities, and organization of joint actions. The movement against illegal immigration: analysis of the central node in the Russian extreme-right movement. A visual dimension of protest: an analysis of interactions during the Russian March. Lifeform: an explanation of prejudices of young people. The practice of free-traveling: young people coping with access in post-Soviet Russia. Nuorten "toista" koskevat asenteet Krasnojarskissa. Social capital in transition s to early adulthood: a longitudinal and mixed-methods approach.

Realignment under Stress: the July referendum and the September parliamentary election in Greece. The European Parliament elections in Southern Europe: second-order or critical elections? Habituating to the new normal in a post-earthquake party system: the European election in Greece. Dealignment, de-legitimation and the implosion of the two-party system in Greece: the earthquake election of 6 May Mapping the south European ideological space: the impact of globalization on party discourse in Italy, Greece, Portugal and Spain. A new divide? The impact of globalization on national party systems.

A chance to blame the government: the European election in southern Europe. Handling confidentiality and privacy on cloud-based health information systems. A decision support system for IST academic information. Service logic deployment and distribution configuration. The pros and cons of using SDL for creation of distributed services. Universalism, diversity and norms: gratitude, healthcare and welfare chauvinism.

Access to healthcare in superdiverse neighbourhoods. Bricolage as conceptual tool for understanding access to healthcare in superdiverse populations. Health providers as bricoleurs: an examination of the adaption of health ecosystems to superdiversity in Europe. Portuguese policies fostering international student mobility: a colonial legacy or a new strategy? Doing community research with the community?

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Reflecting on practical issues. Reflecting on international academic mobility through feminist lenses: moving beyond the obvious. Integrating superdiversity in urban governance: the case of inner-city Lisbon. Estado de bienestar bajo ataque: consecuencias esperadas y disimuladas de la Troika.

Migration policies and institutional frameworks. Development and evolution in Portugal. Brazilian narratives of migration: a multisited journey. Politicity of care in the criticism towards gender stereotypes. Understanding healthcare practices in superdiverse neighbourhoods and developing the concept of welfare bricolage: protocol of a cross-national mixed-methods study. Can stigma become a resource? The mobilisation of aesthetic—corporal capital by female immigrant entrepreneurs from Brazil.

Convivialidad intercultural religiosa o conflictividad en un barrio de Lisboa. Superdiversity and conviviality: exploring frameworks for doing ethnography in Southern European intercultural cities. Engagement policies and practices: expanding the citizenship of the Brazilian diaspora. The governance of the wolf-human relationship in Europe. Pharmaceuticalisation and the social management of sleep in old age. Ageing and memory medication: social rationales and consumption practices. Populism from below: socio-economic and ideological correlates of mass attitudes in Greece. Politics in the depressed republic: transformation and continuity in Greece during the crisis.

Media news agenda and trends in the electorate: the first period of the crisis, The waves of democratization theories and Arab regimes: between transitology and Arab exceptionalism. Hellenism under siege: The national-populist logic of antiglobalization rhetoric in Greece. The social determinants of ideology: the case of neoliberalism in Southern Europe. Refugiados em Portugal. The decivilizing effects of the financial system.

Una lectura eliasiana de la crisis financiera. Traditions and contradictions of sexual function definitions for Portuguese heterossexual men and women: medicalization and socially constructed gender effects. Sexology in Portugal: narratives by Portuguese sexologists. Exploring gender in Portuguese bedrooms: men's and women's narratives of their sexuality through a mixed methods approach.

Generators of sociological production in Portugal: an empirically illustrated interpretation. Filhos de imigrantes africanos no mercado de trabalho: acessos, perfis e trajetos. Imigrantes e estrutura social.

  • Curriculum Vitae.
  • Curve of Pursuit.
  • Daughter Of Midnight - The Child Bride of Gandhi;
  • Números em texto integral.
  • Services on Demand;
  • The multiple meanings for AIDS and treatment.

Luso-africanos em Portugal: nas margens da etnicidade. Without ceremony and without papers. The diversity of conjugal cohabitation in Portugal. Justicia socio-espacial y disputa por los espacios centrales en el barrio del Abasto Buenos Aires. Aportaciones desde el urbanismo latinoamericano. Cova da Moura: identidad caboverdiana y conflicto urbano en la periferia de Lisboa. Las procesiones de los otros. Public spaces and immigration in Seville: building citizenship or reproducing power relationships? Ecuatorianas y senegalesas en Sevilla. El caso de las mujeres ecuatorianas residentes en Sevilla.

The persistence of class inequality: the portuguese labour force at the turn of the millennium. Time projections: youth and precarious employment. People are the message? Social mobilization and social media in Brazil. Qui dove la terra finisce e il mare comincia Silvio Berlusconi e il Portogallo. Lo Stato etico da Salazar a Marcelo Caetano. Le destre radicali e il liberalismo portoghese: alle radici di una dittatura. The Fascist elites, government and the Grand Council.

The effects of austerity measures on quality of healthcare services: a national survey of physicians in the public and private sectors in Portugal. The impact factor as a legitimator of the scientific knowledge produced: a review of the literature. What 'digital divide' between generations? A cross-national analysis using data from the world internet project. Movimento em rede e protestos no Brasil: qual gigante acordou? Piracy cultures: editorial introduction. Networked life world: four dimensions of the cultures of networked belonging.

The strategic strength of weak signal analysis. P2P in the networked future of European cinema. Telecommunications for the needy: how needed are they? From mass to networked communication: communicational models and the informational society. Futebol, identidade e media na Sociedade em Rede.

The Catholic Church and the crisis: the case of Portugal. Players and arenas: strategic interactionism in social movements studies. Back to the revolution: the Portuguese spring and its 'austere anniversary'. Protest and mobilisation in Portugal under austerity, — Contentious politics and student dissent in the twilight of the Portuguese dictatorship: analysis of a protest cycle.

La rivoluzione prima della rivoluzione. A luta contra o cancro em Portugal. Trends and consequences of the technocratic paradigm of childbirth in Portugal: a population-based analysis of birth conditions and social characteristics of parents. Organizational practices for learning with work accidents throughout their information cycle. Interparental conflict and adolescents' self-representations: the role of emotional insecurity.

Internalized stigma and quality of life domains among people with mental illness: the mediating role of self-esteem. Security in the Interparental Subsystem SIS scale: psychometric characteristics in a sample of Portuguese adolescents. Clinical profiles of stigma experiences, self-esteem and social relationships among people with schizophrenia, depressive, and bipolar disorders. Is it a fe male pain? Engendering pain management practices: the role of physician sex on chronic low-back pain assessment and treatment prescriptions.

Perceptions of quantitative methods in higher education: mapping student profiles. Why firms do not enrol in socio-technical networks empirical evidence from Portugal. Towards the liberation of labour markets in Europe. Inhibiting factors in a hypothetical shoplifting situation - a contribution to crime prevention. Vitimologia e medo do crime.

Social work practices and the ecological sustainability of socially vulnerable communities. Levels of governance in policy innovation cycles in community education: the cases of education for sustainable development and climate change education. International patterns of environmental policy change and convergence.

The international sources of policy convergence: explaining the spread of environmental policy innovations. The global diffusion of regulatory instruments: the making of a new international environmental regime. The diffusion of new environmental policy instruments. Strategic environmental planning and uncertainty: a cross-national comparison of green plans in industrialized countries.

National environmental policy planning in OECD countries: preliminary lessons from cross-national comparisons. Rethinking individuals: new figurations. Mulheres nas principais orquestras portuguesas. Sarah Affonso, mulher de artista. Portugal, national identity and Portuguese youth.

Falar da vida II. Falar da vida I. Problemas e virtudes na defesa da biografia. Alvarez: ambiguidades na biografia de um pintor. Mecenato cultural de empresa em Portugal. Identidade nacional e social dos jovens. Bienais e artistas em Cerveira. Exploring unobserved household living conditions in multilevel choice modeling: an application to contraceptive adoption by Indian women. Multilevel effects of wealth on women's contraceptive use in Mozambique.

Dominance of sterilization and alternative choices of contraception in India: an appraisal of the socioeconomic impact. Disentangling the relation between wealth and contraceptive use in India: a multilevel probit regression approach. Fertility differentials and educational attainment in Portugal: a non-linear relationship. O adiamento da fecundidade em Portugal Portuguese fertility transition and the multiple response system. A ilha da Madeira.

Sisto Quaranta e la memoria del Quadraro. L'approccio qualitativo per la comprensione e l'interpretazione del reale. School architecture: an analysis of the role of the state in the re configuration of the profession. Designing science laboratories: learning environments, school architecture and teaching and learning models.

The impact of polytechnic institutes on the local economy.

Salud en las Américas 2012 | Health in the Americas 2012

Wavering between hope and disenchantment: the case of early school leaving in Portugal. Educational policies, territories and actors strategies. A literacia quantitativa no quotidiano. Mainstream party strategies towards extreme right parties: the French and Presidential Elections. The positions mainstream left parties adopt on immigration: a cross-cutting cleavage? The effectiveness of french immigration policy under president Nicolas Sarkozy.

The impact of extreme-right parties on immigration policy in Italy and France in the early s. The end of a strategic opening? The BNP's window of opportunity in the s and its closure in the s. British and French policies towards high-skilled immigration during the s: policy outplays politics or politics trumps policy?

Trends and dilemmas facing environmental education in Portugal: from environmental problem assessment to citizenship involvement. A study protocol to evaluate the relationship between outdoor air pollution and pregnancy outcomes. The role of non-scholar organisations in environmental education: a case study from Portugal. Who's afraid of Local Agenda 21? Top-down and bottom-up perspectives on local sustainability.

Functional disability of adults in Brazil: prevalence and associated factors

Emigrating peasants and returning emigrants: emigration with return in a Portuguese village. Regresso de emigrantes e desenvolvimento regional en Portugal. Social work in the web of social protection: contexts and alternatives. The contribution of the intervention in social networks and community social work at the local level to social and human development.

Satisfying needs and expectations of terminal cancer patients: organizational challenges to social workers.


Community radio stations sustainability model: an open-source solution. Media and generations in Portugal. Fandubbing em Portugal: um estudo de caso sobre cultura participativa em rede. The European electoral manifestos a preliminary analysis of the main competition dimensions. The media as a window on the past?

The impact of television and newspaper consumption on knowledge of the democratic transition in Portugal. The Portuguese media system and the normative roles of the media: a comparative view. An Ever-Shadowed Past? Campaign Individualisation before and after the Bailout: a comparison between Greece and Portugal. Which Europe do the portuguese parties want? Identity, representation and scope of governance in the portuguese euromanifestos Velhas e novas formas de activismo.

A internet em McLuhan, Baudrillard e Habermas. Enlightenment and economic thought: the case of Domenico Vandelli. Contemporary changes and civil society in Portugal and the Russian Federation. Mapping social work across 10 countries: structure, intervention, identity and challenges.

Que princípios éticos devem definir o estabelecimento de prioridades entre doentes?

Crisis and cultural change: the countries with adjustment programmes in the European Union. Assessing the public willingness to contribute income to mitigate the effects of climate change: a comparison of Adelaide and Lisbon. Neoliberalism and austerity in Spain, Portugal and South Africa: the revolution of older persons. Mapping maritime sustainability issues with stakeholder groups. A Expo '98 de Lisboa: observar enquanto se realiza. Associativismo, sociedade divil e democracia. Citizens' attitudes towards democratic deliberation. Political tolerance in Portugal and Spain: the importance of circumstantial factors.

The predicament of Young Journalists: The study of Portugal. Mapping cultural policy in Portugal: from incentives to crisis. Cultura de leitura e classe leitora em Portugal. The influence of service climate, identity strength, and contextual ambidexterity upon the performance of public organizations. Redes de sociabilidade, identidades e trocas geracionais. Jump Lisbon! Notes from an ethnography of urban flows. Building bridges across time and space. The neighborhood strikes back: community murals by youth in Boston's communities of color.

Art builds the city: Boston community murals and local identity. Ao encontro da sociologia visual. Net costs of class-size reduction: the portuguese case. Transformative community mental health: perspectives from Portugal and Europe. Respuestas a las encuestas. Festas de touros. Adolescents, family, status and health: new insights into health behaviour in school-aged children in Portugal. Barrancos, pura fiesta. Esiste una rete di sicurezza sociale in Sud Europa? Mosaico de festas de toiros en Portugal. O campo da tauromaquia. Jovens da escola da Mague: o fim da arte no trabalho.

The Jesuit paradox: intellectual authority, political power, and the marginalization of astrology in early modern Portugal. State, science and empire in the portuguese atlantic s—s. A poetical critique of Aristotle: the role of cosmological poetry in Late-Renaissance Portugal.

Mixtures, material substances and corpuscles in the Early Modern Aristotelian-Thomistic tradition: the case of Francisco Soares Lusitano The portuguese astronomer Melo e Simas : republican ideals and popularization of science.

O poder dos livros: a biblioteca de Rodrigo de Sousa Coutinho. A preliminary study. The making of an academic tradition: the foundation of the Lisbon Polytechnic School and the development of higher technical education in Portugal The eclipse, the astronomer and his audience: Frederico Oom and the total solar eclipse of 28 May in Portugal.


Measuring the heavens to rule the territory: Filipe Folque, the teaching of astronomy at the Lisbon Polytechnic School and the modernization of the State apparatus in nineteenth century Portugal. The making of a Tychonic cosmology: Cristoforo Borri and the development of Tycho Brahe's astronomical system. Cristoforo Borri and the epistemological status of mathematics in seventeenth-century Portugal.

Tokens of the future: comets, astrology and politics in early modern Portugal. Cuidar em parceria da pessoa idosa dependente. Regulation, public interest and research in the professional field: the case of the health sector. Clustering of architectural floor plans: a comparison of shape representations. Measuring Lisbon patterns: Baixa from to Lisbon and its port: urban planning and surveillance expectations and results.

Encounters and disencounters in the transport system on the South Bank of the Tagus Estuary: on the difficulties of establishing intermodal Transport in a region. A biografia em Portugal: uma agenda. The changing face of European ports as a result of their evolving use since the nineteenth century. Young individuals as microcosms of the Portuguese crisis. Romantic turning points and patterns of leaving home: contributions from qualitative research in a southern European country. Variability in the transitions to adulthood in Europe: a critical approach to de-standardization of the life course.

The organization of household work in same-sex couples. Individualized housing careers in early adulthood: conditions and constraints in a familistic society. Editorial: Behind the findings. Reflecting on research challenges. Human trafficking in Portugal: an ethnography of research and data. Outside home. Notes on reflexivity. La tratta di essere umani: tra immagini, miti e prospettive di ricerca e intervento. Rio de Janeiro, inverno attese e contrasti della cidade maravilhosa.

La migrazione italiana in Germania: una questione attuale. Portuguese fight against match-fixing: which policies and what ethic? Corruption in Latin America: stereotypes of politicians and their implications for affect and perceived justice. The official football match-fixing prevention discourse as a cognitive limitation the cases of Iberian countries. Reframing illegalities: crime, cultural values and ideas of success in Argentina. New perspectives on crime, violence and insecurity in Latin America. Social classes and tolerance to corruption in Portugal: which is the relation?

The discursive use of the concept of 'corruption' in parliamentary debates during the Portuguese Estado Novo — Why voters do not throw the rascals out? Ilegalidad justificada? Planning in turbulent times: exploring planners' agency in Jerusalem. The politics of suburbia: Israel's settlement policy and the production of space in the metropolitan area of Jerusalem.

The political geographies of urban polarization: a critical review of research on divided cities. Two states or not two states? Leadership and peace making in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Citizenship in Palestine: a fractured geography. The value of grounded theory for disentangling inequalities in maternal-child healthcare in contexts of diversity: a psycho-sociopolitical approach. Women Mayors in Portugal: a case study in political representation and citizenship. Fighting depopulation in Portugal: local and central government policies in times of crisis.

The revolution in local government: mayors in Portugal before and after Territorial inequalities: depopulation and local development policies in the Portuguese rural world. The agrarian reform under the Portuguese revolution, its roots and reversal. Landlords, tenants and agrarian reform: local elites and regime transitions in Avis, Portugal, Fighting disease and epidemics: Ricardo Jorge and the internationalization of Portuguese science.

Epidemics in the news: health and hygiene in the press in periods of crisis. The Portuguese cholera morbus epidemic of as seen by the press. Women in Portuguese politics. Party politics in Portugal: municipalities and central government. Memory and trauma of the Portuguese agrarian reform: a case study. Duarte Pacheco: uma biografia. Portuguese healthcare reforms in the context of crisis: external pressure or domestic choice? Public opinion towards healthcare in the context of economic crisis: evidence from Portugal.

Online staging of femininity: disciplining through public exposure in Brazilian social media. On cultural plurality in the public sphere: choosing between freedom and equality as criteria of judgement. Whither culture? On the predominance of cognitivism in media and communication studies. Populism, extremism and media: mapping an uncertain terrain.

Political participation in an age of mediatisation. New world slavery: redefining the human. On white mythologies: detotalising the legacy of modernity. Descompassos de uma etnografia: sobre os passados presentes de um bairro. Introduction: Lisbon places, urban experiences. Belongings and interactions negotiating portuguese speaking identities in Boston. Les ciutats es fan per dins: desafiaments en etnografia urbana. Participative social work and urban change: two case studies in Lisbon and Bucharest. As cidades fazem-se por dentro: desafios de etnografia urbana.

Practical training enters Portuguese universities. Uma certa ideia de cidade: popular, bairrista e pitoresca. Sociabilidad masculina y consumo de alcohol: un 'juego de vino' en Lisboa. O lugar da antropologia. Unveiling the experiences of young people in foster care: perspectives from Portugal and Nigeria. European top managers' support for work-life arrangements. Crowding out, crowding in or just a matter of transformation? Informal financial support in Portugal and Sweden. Tiempos, trabajos e identidades.

Becoming working mothers: reconciling work and family at three particular workplaces in Norway, the UK, and Portugal. Recorridos de incertidumbre. Moving into adulthood in a southern European country: transitions in Portugal. Workplace abuse and harassment: the vulnerability of informal and migrant domestic workers in Portugal.

Describe all or just a few? Decomposition of the gender wage gap in Portugal, the evidence of gender discrimination. Fault lines in education: dualization and diversification of pathways over 40 years of debate on education policy in Portugal. What do we mean by school dropout?

Early School Leaving and the shifting of paradigms in school dropout measurement. Gender and civil-military relations. The sociological dimension of external military interventions: the Portuguese military abroad.


Gender relations in the armed forces: does the draft make a difference? Gendered culture in peacekeeping operations. Gender integration policies in the armed forces: a double-edged sword? Women in the Portuguese Armed Forces: from visibility to eclipse. O que pensam os militares portugueses do peacekeeping? Spanish monarchy and the Portuguese Republic: two routes to democratization. Cultural organizations and communication in Portuguese decentralization policy. Public Relations, Satisfaction and Commitment. Schools 'without walls' during the portuguese revolution: the student civic service A Maria da Fonte e a Patuleia: alguns problemas.

Differentiation versus homogenisation of education systems in Europe: political aims and welfare regimes. Perspectives of social entrepreneurship in Portugal: comparison and contrast with international theoretical approaches. Prevalence and trends of overweight and obesity in older adults from 10 European countries from to A typology of professional situations in the analysis of graduate transition from higher education to the labor market.

European bi-national marriages in Portugal and EU social integration. Convergences and disparities of work orientations among recent graduates in Portugal. Measuring corporate reputation in B2B markets: the corporate personality adapted scale. Socio-demographic correlates of leisure time physical activity among Portuguese adults. The correlates of meeting physical activity recommendations: a population-based cross-sectional study.

Youth labour insertion in Portugal: an education perspective. A lean case study in an oncological hospital: implementation of a telephone triage system in the emergency service. Behind the boardroom's door: the role and contribution of corporate boards. Public policies and social change: the case of the success and continuity of schooling paths of ciganos.

Constrangimentos e oportunidades para a continuidade e sucesso educativo das pessoas ciganas em Portugal. School pathways and economic practices of Portuguese Ciganos: some continuities and changes. Social and spatial continuities and differentiations among Portuguese Ciganos: regional profiles. Mulheres ciganas na sociedade portuguesa: tracejando percursos de vida singulares e plurais.

Shaping ways of managing diversity in Portuguese schools from the student's perspective. Between two worlds: representations of the rural and the urban in two Portuguese municipalities. Immigrant perceptions of ethnic and racial discrimination: patterns and singularities in a municipality in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area. Representations about discrimination practices in the education system built by Gypsies Ciganos in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area Portugal.

Residents on illegally built urban areas in Lisbon metropolitan area municipalities. Representations about discrimination practices in the education system built by Russian and Ukrainian immigrants' children in Lisbon Metropolitan area. Transforming housing typologies. Space syntax evaluation and shape grammar generation. Trees and semi-lattices: analysing space configuration of two urban systems in Lisbon region. Bioclimatic urbanism and regional design in Portugal: the Atlantic and the Mediterranean contexts.

Football fan cultures after the Euro in Portugal. Challenge of sport towards social inclusion and awareness raising against any discrimination. Evaluation and control process in higher education institutions: a comparative analysis. Setting up an international science partnership program: a case study between Portuguese and US universities.

Science policy and the internationalization of research in Portugal. EU research and technological development programmes: what role for the social sciences and humanities. Industrialization and communism: the Portuguese Communist Party confronts the Sines growth pole. Orthodoxy and dissent in the Portuguese Communist Party.

Hungria: o Estado de Direito em crise? Can the unequal access to home birth be framed as a source of inequalities? A comparison between Portugal and Denmark. Where the thread of home births never broke — an interview with Susanne Houd. Moving beyond disrespect and abuse: addressing the structural dimensions of obstetric violence. Public communication by climate scientists: what, with whom and why?

Bustling public communication by astronomers around the world driven by personal and contextual factors. Mobilisation for public engagement: benchmarking the practices of research institutes. Science and the public: the public understanding of science and its measurements. Preaching to the converted?

An analysis of the UK public for space exploration. Uranus Pathfinder: exploring the origins and evolution of Ice Giant planets. Investigating public space exploration support in the UK. Changing self-medication practices, lay knowledge and rationales. The sociology of creativity: Part I: theory: the social mechanisms of innovation and creative developments in selectivity environments. The sociology of creativity: PART II: applications: the socio-cultural contexts and conditions of the production of novelty.

Not bystanders any longer: social sciences, social responsibility and sustainability research in an emerging revolution. Distributive justice: from Steinhaus, Knaster, and Banach to Elster and Rawls: the perspective of sociological game theory. Internet, children and space: revisiting generational attributes and boundaries. Children and digital diversity: from unguided rookies' to self-reliant cybernauts'. Perfis dos utilizadores da internet em Portugal. Do multiculturalismo ao interculturalismo.

Producing interculturality: repertoires, strategies and spaces. Social inequalities and collective action in times of crisis: the case of the Lisbon Metropolitan Area. Collective action on an individual and local scale: sociological profiles and portraits. The confident forecaster. Lessons from the upscaling of the electricity industry in England and Wales. Squabbling sisters: multinational companies and Middle East oil prices. Waiting for the energy crisis: Europe and the United States on the eve of the first oil shock.

The anxiety of abundance: William Stanley Jevons and coal scarcity in the nineteenth century. The iron industry energy transition. The European debate on rate systems in the interwar period. Oil in the age of steam. Revolution and policy failure: the s Portuguese Republic. When the South emulates the North: energy policies and nationalism in the twentieth century. Enterprises, incentives and networks: the formative years of the electrical network in Portugal, — Cartelization and corporatism: bureaucratic rule in authoritarian Portugal, Por um desenvolvimento Social Urbano.

Tracing normal lives: between stigma and the will to be Cigano. Em busca de reconhecimento nas periferias urbanas. Juventude, etnicidade e classe social. O estigma de viver na Quinta da Fonte. Sociabilidades Juvenis em Contexto Urbano. Um olhar sobre alguns jovens do bairro do Alto da Cova da Moura. The influence of cultural sensitivity in social work practice with immigrants. The role of friendship, trust, and love in happy German marriages.

Propuestas para un desarrollo de calidad. Spanish-Moroccan families in a context of family diversity in Spain: challenges for the construction of interculturalism. Spanish journals of social work. Unrecognized rights, nonexistent laws: the invisibility of foreign teenage mothers: a challenge for social work in Spain. When knowledge is not enough: elements to strengthen intercultural sensitivity among professionals of social services in Andalusia Spain.

Famiglie e coppie miste in Andalusia. Analisi di un fenomeno in costruzione. Building families in a migration context. Romanians in Spain Measuring media and information literacy skills: construction of a test. Finding sensory profilers amongst red wine composition: a novel nationwide approach.

Sensory profile of portuguese white wines using long-term memory: a novel nationwide approach. To adapt or to disregard? Presidentialism and voter turnout in legislative elections. Corruption and turnout in Portugal - a municipal level study. In the end, who are the experts? At risk young people in qualitative education research.

A contribution to the sociology of modern work. Que objectos? To stay or to migrate: siblings and life transitions in 19th century Ribeira Seca, Azores. The Indians in the urban settlements in Amazonia in the late 18th century: a demographic perspective. Counting Portuguese colonial populations, — a research note. Settlers for the empire: the demography of the Azores Islands — Exploring illegitimacy in Portugal during the 19th century. Population censuses in the Portuguese empire, research notes. The Europeanisation of social policies in Portugal.

Quantas vidas cabem numa vida? Rights and indigenous adolescence in Mexico: new subjects, new dilemmas. Gendering social mobility: a comparative perspective on the nexus of education and class in Europe. Reconocimiento de competencias experienciales de adultos, en Portugal : hallazgos y debilidades.